Wednesday, June 6, 2007

'Knocked' Out of the Park

When I saw the line and the theatre filling up I thought This could beat out Pirates and a part of me hope it would. Keep in mind it was a Sunday after noon showing and the place was packed to the gills. So much so the ushers were doing their job to squeeze everyone together.

Kudos, Mr. Apatow, kudos.

I couldn't even come close to executing the kind of humor you were able to put into the movie. But what really got to me and affected me after I had left the movie was the resonance of real characters. Seth Rogen made his socially inept man child become a man by the end of the movie. And his band of drug induced friends each had a hand in being there instead of being one joke characters. Katherine Heigl's character has some great moments too. I think one of her best lines was her telling Seth something he could do with his bong. Typically, you're gonna run into a batch of unrealistic stereotypical characters in this type of movie, but Mr. Apatow uses a lot of improv which I think allowed for some things to become bigger. In addition to that there were a fair amount of quiet moments--genuine moments-- between characters like Seth's character with his dad.

I never laughed so hard in ages in a movie (maybe it was 40 year old Virgin ?) But it has a lot of heart also mixed in between the raunchy humor (this movie earned its R rating, thank god.)

So, I'm not alone in saying, you have got to see this movie. Again, I wish it had beat out Pirates for how good it was. Do what you have to and go see it now.

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