Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Spidey III Gets Caught in its Own Web

Frankly, this film seems to have caught the corporate bug. Yeah the first two were huge and the second flick did use a lot of the buzz from the first one to create another huge movie. But, the story always seemed to take precedence.

Wow have things changed.

Once I had heard of the enormous budget I was worried that the big head honchos might be thinking if they gave more
spectacle that the fan boys might end up slapping down more bucks.

Sam Raimi had a lot on his plate with this one and it seemed the corporate heads pushed something that should have been fleshed out better before getting to the public eye. I just hoped going off of Raimi's prior work that he wouldn't let us down. Having, ultimately, 3 bad guys should reminded me of bad memories of another Batman flick which went that route.

Maybe there wasn't enough help from Alvin Sargent this time (he got screenplay credit for Spidey II) or maybe he just didn't have enough story in him this time. But I have to say...Sorry Spidey Fans, this one was easily the weakest. Now before all the huge fans out there get out their pitchforks and torches screaming for my head, I loved and adored the first 2 pics on the web slinger and there were some very good moments in this pic.

Just not very much.

There will be a 4th Spidey movie (and just announced 5th and 6th) but (unless they can redeem themselves) I'm sure Raimi, Macguire and Dunst will bail...

After this showing, so would I.

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