Thursday, May 17, 2007

Coming Soon to a TV Near You

Just about a week until this show starts into finding the next superstar filmmaker or something like that as the show overtly states. One side of me is excited about the potential that the show has to give. However the realistic side of me is thinking the next superstar filmmaker?

I think it's important to view both sides of it right now cause really isn't this just another version of Project Greenlight? Mind you, it's alittle different cause with that a unknown filmmaker was given the go ahead to make their actual movie and so the actual tension came from the production company (bring in the bean counters) clashing with this newbie auteur. But, really, have any of those filmmakers really broken into the industry besides their short 15 minutes of fame?

Looking at the website, alot of the finalists have experience of some sort in H'wood so they aren't necessarily newbies. But, one potential finalist Lizriz who, unfortunately, didn't make the cut points out it is a lifetime opportunity for great exposure which means someone should take great risks. Kudos, Liz, you truly have more guts then I do right now. But I haven't given up the fight just yet. Unfortunately, being mentioned in my blog isn't going to help your goal much (in fact I'll probably knock you down a few notches--lol)

Right now this will allow me to live through these group as they follow their dream that one day might possibly be mine.

The show does have Spielberg behind it so it could have a completely different feel so we will see. I think it has alot of potential and frankly would like to see this thing go off cause I'm curious what kind of people they'll have and what they have to offer.

It starts Tuesday, May 22nd right after American Idol. Check it out.

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