Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What's on your soundtrack?

Music plays a big role for me when I'm writing as I'm sure it does for a lot of writers. Why not? A song is capturing a moment or feeling surrounding a story that is spoken in song lyrics. Plus, the added emotion that comes from the song may resonant within your own story. I usually just hit random on my Zen and listen to whatever comes across the headphones (occasionally skipping if the song just does feel right for the moment.) Before I had my mp3 player I'd listen to Radio365 cause they have internet stations that aren't too bad. I got into listening to a couple that just played soundtracks which worked great for inspirational screenwriting.

Thinking of soundtracks makes me wish I could have Howard Shore work out a soundtrack any movies I get made someday. His work on the Lord of the Rings was phenom. Basil Poledouris would have been another great choice however his composing days are done (he passed on Nov 6 last year but I still love The Hunt for the Red October and the Russian Hymn...) But while we're discussing make believe another good composer would be John Barry.

Dancing with Wolves was further enhanced by Barry's work ( I have the CD of the remnants I took of my sister who passed away October 2001. It was only fitting since she and I shared the love for good music.)

I definitely have other composers I would have loved or would love to work with some day...until then I just have to let their stuff inspire me now.

Any thoughts on music that inspires what you're writing?

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