Sunday, April 29, 2007


I've gone to my fair share (and then some) of movies in a lot of different theaters and when I have, for the most part, I have usually had a good experience. I think people still like to see movies in the theaters (even though Hollywood doesn't see that in the numbers as much.)

But, there are some to seem to find the theater for other purposes. Some come to talk to the screen like they expect answers back, some laughs in all the wrong places just to be noticed by the audience and, of course, can't forget the cell phone talkers because they are thinking I like to pay 9 bucks so I can't miss what I'm watching and talk to someone that I could talk to outside of the movie...which makes total sense to me. ( If you are missing the sarcasm in that statement then there is no help for you)

On Friday night, the wife and I went to see Vacancy (which was good) however our experience was marred by a bunch of dumb ass teeny-boppers and some idiot dude who sat up in the corner using his cell phone through most of the movie.

People hear me now--the theater is like my place of worship. I come to watch movies and I take it very seriously. When the lights dim, I am preparing to leave my skin for a couple hours and live in the characters on the screen. When other people choose to deny me that right it is pure sacrilege.

After awhile the teens clamped up and actually watched the screen but this dude would not shut up. Now, I'm not the type to go up to anyone in a theater and tell em to shut it (since my movie was interrupting their phone conversation) cause that could just make it worse. My wife decided to go get a soda refill and on the way out one of the movie ushers was coming in (she had come in on a few occasions but just hovered by the entrance) and my wife asked if there was a way to get rid of talkers in a movie. The usher said she'd take care of it. Soon enough, the usher went up to the guy and said some words and about 5 minutes later the manager came in and said some more. Well, the guy took the subtle hint that maybe he should shut his ass up and maybe, I don't know, WATCH THE FRACKING MOVIE. Which he apparently did.

When the movie was over and the lights came up. The dude made a quick exit and some guy behind him said...

Are you the guys that went and got the manager? I was hoping someone would do that.

It's always nice to met others who understand how sacred theaters should be.

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