Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I need to write

I told my wife on Sunday that I seriously need to do some writing. I have fallen out of the habit for the last few months after having a decent run. Moving to a new house doesn't help cause there is just more to do.
So I open up the laptop to look at what I've written so far and I just hate it.


And now I've already broken 2 cardinal rules for writers.

1) I haven't been writing every day
2) I'm editing out of the box.

The second no-no has been my downfall since day one as a writer. I get stuck and so I want to look at what has come out of my ass so far and I start tweaking that instead of working on trudging forward. But I just can't seem to get the movie in my head to the paper.
The movie in my head is awesome ( at least I like to think so)

But it just gets lost in translation along the way.

I was using my old ratty apartment for inspiration because the locale of the screenplay takes place in one also and I'm hoping I can still recall how it feels to live in that 450 square foot box which had sucky heat in the winter and the bedroom a mere 5 feet from the living room was a sauna at night in the summer. (Apparently remembering too well for this post.)

So I am stuck. I try and go to the usual venues for assistance. Creative Screenwriting and Script Magazine sometimes offer an interesting ideas. Unk (Unknown screenwriter) is always going off about ideas for writing movies which have left me wanting alittle of that enthusiasm like he's got. But it seems when I get into this situation it's as though I'm a newbie at writing like I'm in a maze scrambling through possible routes to find the end when I just get back to the same place I just entered.

I can see what I want to write for my movie I even have great ideas for the ending but instead the screen taunts me with a blank face.

And yet I still tell my wife when my writing id gets an itch (like after seeing a great flick)...

I need to write.

God help me.

I need to write.


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Unk said...

Yow. The blank screen. Who'da thunk it?

Seriously... You got a great idea? Have your built a complete plot and outline for it? Have you got your structure down? Are the characters developed?

If not, why not? If so and you still can't write... GO BACK TO YOUR CHARACTERS. They're just not speaking to you yet... Get to know them as well as you know yourself and they'll be screaming at you to get on the page.

You gots to write!